About Us

Lee Heng is an established business since 1965.

We change peoples’ perception of gold through our products which boast a softer hue than traditional yellow gold. With a stylish designer ™s touch, we give our products a contemporary look, and the wearer the appearance of elegance and class.

Our rings are specially designed to provide comfort and ease even after prolonged wearing. We are specialise in 917 white gold.

丽兴金庄,源自1965年。精湛的制造工艺,让较高成份的 91.7% 黄金产品以浅凊色泽呈现,风格简约,触感柔顺。专利权(TM) 注册的对庄或休闲戒指,都具备舒适配戴的工 能。

我们也是 91.7% 白金首饰领域的佼佼者。