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About Us

About Us

Lee Heng Jewellers was established in 1965 with over 50 years of history. An enduring local brand that has steadily gained popularity and increased their reputation as a trustworthy business, Lee Heng Jewellers is the go to for many families and businesses in Singapore. You may find a variety of styles, from classic traditional to sophisticated European. The offerings include gold ornaments, superior diamond, jade, precious jewelries, customised design-and-craft ornaments and artifacts for special occasions (e.g wedding, birthday, company anniversaries and religious celebrations)

Since its beginnings, Lee Heng Jewellers has always stayed true to its principles of maintaining incredibly high standards of quality. Delivered with a wide range of selections and personalised services, we prioritise customer satisfaction in every experience.

The aim is to deliver quality jewellery and to forge strong relationships with our customers. This ethos of working has allowed us to build a strong loyal customer base over the last half century, for whom we are grateful for their trust and support.

Over the years, Lee Heng Jewellers has also built its network of professional craftsmen and manufacturers in South East Asia. This allows us to be able to tailor to each individual needs and cater to corporate clientele requests. This is also backed by our own modern factory where are able to design and produce customised jewellery.

Amidst its main business of retail jewellery, Lee Heng Jewellers is also the preferred supplier for many corporate companies, Tao Religion clients or event groups. This is due to the strong support network detailed above and our ability to deliver sophisticated designs amid complex production requirements.

Lee Heng Jewellers was nominated and awarded the Singapore Brands Award in 2013. The founder Mr Tan Sar Tee also received the 2013 Singapore Entrepreneur Award.



The History

In 1965, Lee Heng Jewellers opened as a small neighbourhood stall in Block 50 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee. The founder, Mr Tan Sar Tee, started the business in his 20s and rented a shopfront to sell silver ornaments from Asia. Over the years, the business grew and diversified into gold ornaments as it adapted to the trends and preferences of our customers. The company purchased its first shop at Queenstown in the 1970s and subsequently expanded into gold wholesaling, ornament manufacturing, corporate & religion clientele. Through the years, the company has consistently refreshing its brand image and offerings to provide for changing customer taste and preferences.

Today, the company has three established retail shops next to MRTs at Tiong Bahru Plaza, Commonwealth and Chinatown Point. They are also the exclusive distributor for the patented EITA collection series.


Service Team

A vibrant and positive team drives the business. Employees are well trained on Professional knowledge and constantly skilled up to ensure relevance and competency. A good proportion of our team are long term employees with many years of experience in the business.

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