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EITA Collection 917 White Gold Wedding Ring B-21

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  • 丽兴金庄是 EITA Collection 917 黄白金首饰的指定代理商,金含量比一般清916 高,更是917白金的绞绞者,其特色是用高科技的意大利机器生产,经过传人设计,拥有质感柔顺,清浅色泽,长间佩戴的舒适感,特别适用于结婚四点金,不管是喜宴或日常佩戴,都能显现出它的优雅大方。
  • The EITA ™ Collection uses advance European Italian laser technology on 91.7% white and yellow gold hybrid to produce a gentle touch, soft colored and sparking finishing ornament. The modem design changes peoples' perception of gold through an advance innovation which boasts a softer hue than the traditional yellow gold. With a stylish designer ™ S touch, the products range has a contemporary look, and to the wearer an appearance of elegance and class. The collection specialise in 917 white gold.
  • Gold Purity : 917 Gold (22K )
  • Size ( Hong Kong )
  • Comes with Gift Box / Paper Bag / Receipt
  • Price subject to changed due to length and weight.
  • Other sizes available at Lee Heng Jewellers Chinatown Point outlet #01-11